Scholar how long can you persist in doing the website

here want to discuss with you, do the website, dear webmaster, can you hold out until when?.

from the beginning of unsuspectingly what all don’t understand, what try holding the attitude of learning to do, now almost crazy every day to update the site every day, pay attention to the website of the data, I know, I have fallen in love with this role.

, a website that sticks to it, now feels all right and looks beautiful. In fact, the bitterness along the way, and who knows?. Let’s analyze the hard work of doing web site.

a website do down, will begin to pay attention to Baidu and other search engine included problems, and then will pay attention to traffic problems, pay attention to web site Google PR value problem, concern Sogou SR value, pay attention to ALEXA ranking problem. Then try to find the link, go to the feeble, go to the forum post with links to Baidu know Post Bar space, to set up a blog to send the article, seize all opportunities can increase the chain, increase website weight will even use QQ group to promote disguised cheat flow.

then, the site has to update its content every day, and also have to maintain the site to prevent errors. Then the day to check the quality of the chain, try to add some good outside chain, consider the chain chain chain to get rid of some bad right down. Check the traffic flow every day, check the content of the web site, visit the page, and know what the content of the website is popular and improve it.

then, it’s time to consider the issue of website revenue. A website, really go on, you have to spend a lot of money to support, just rent the server, every year have to spend a lot of money. Plus promotion, construction, maintenance and so on, you need to spend money, the site has not been profitable, the website is not too much mood, and did not engage in direct. They will gather information from all aspects of advertising, do everything possible to apply to Google Adsense, Ali mother alliance account, Baidu Adsense, Sogou alliance account, etc., and even spend money to buy these accounts. The domestic advertising alliance CPA, CPS advertising (do this kind of advertising is obviously not what benefits), do video pop ads (do this kind of advertising is that, as the only site), revenue. Or, seeking monthly advertising rental, every day to Ali mother forum, webmaster network forums and other exchange area to see who needs to buy advertising sites, and then add each other QQ talks. This is a bad place, is completely in the passive side, the price is depressed to want to spit blood. During the financial crisis, making money through websites is even more difficult.

is also an important is that we do, we must first consider the patience, good attitude, peace, or emotional, to have full and fear mentality. The web world is never stable, and the web community is the same. Have a website, maybe today you a keyword in the search engine ranked first, to tens of thousands of IP, second days no trace, no direct flow; perhaps you Baidu today included tens of thousands, proud to show off, give a page > Baidu K second days

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