You need originality to do your website

many people don’t know what websites they should build, and here are a few small ideas for

one, make a "one day a bubble" site

you know, one day a bubble, that is, share the method of flying girls, every day to teach a trick trick. Insist on updating the article every day, the woman should compare the fire bar, success or not, there are two key points: 1., your trick is not useful?. 2. do you teach

every day?

two, mention

one dayWhat does

mention, make suggestions, give advice, give advice to the webmaster; the trick is mainly for skilled people, and SEO, art, and other web designers..

China website is very much, you give a website a suggestion every day, and then insist, he feels that your service is good, the probation is expired, you will carry on the charge of 200 pieces to him every month. Reasonable, you have 10 such clients a month, then 2000, very easy.. Why, because success can be replicated, and you become more experienced, then you become more and more successful,


three, shop service network

more and more people now shop online, the huge data I would not say it, but also a large proportion of the increase, because now the financial crisis, is not easy to find a job, laid-off workers also many of these reasons, the majority of people here will go online to shop online, so people will increase the it is natural.

oriented online shops offer shop decoration, shop promotion, online statistical services, but the sale of information covering shop, shop, shop purchase information integrated service platform planning, shop investment recruitment is still lacking, imagine, if you want to open a shop, the shop came to the service network, you can need to find suitable investment projects your online shop project; through the shop looking for excellent decoration decoration units; to find the appropriate promotional services through the promotion program; through the recruitment program to find you need employees; can also transfer columns through the shop sell your shop

four, Wangzhuan free training learning network

is now more and more people to do Wangzhuan, training is a good market, but now many popular Wangzhuan forum, is also great, false advertising is more messy, can do to build a Wangzhuan base mesh, is characterized by learning and training base for free, without fear of being cheated of money to set up new text and animation tutorial tutorial. There are owners, college and other important, there is a Wangzhuan site navigation station, you can easily work every day as long as we open the navigation station.

five, group home — enjoy online virtual home life

group of home network, not a marriage intermediary network, but a network of online friends to form a virtual family, enjoy online virtual family life platform; here, you can find the children play, the joy of childhood; here, you can act as a parent. "

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