Some insights about personal webmaster


;       want to succeed personal webmaster, to oneself "ruthless" a little

day will fall so big people, must suffer the labor of their bones, their body skin hunger, depletion of their body, it is OK Fu chaos, so the spirit, had it not beneficial. I want to make friends is a good point to let themselves and their families, even more is to through the network business, as the opening words with Mencius words here, not to say that all the webmaster first cantilever cone, hungry to do, but individual stationmaster wants to succeed must be on their own "ruthless" point.

in the implementation of the so-called "hard" action is greater than all, without action, any good ideas are empty, once the idea will make snap to do, don’t hesitate this hesitation that, before doing a lot of things cannot predict the outcome, don’t question your thoughts and ideas, creativity is suitable for users good idea, you can put into practice and successful creative is a good idea. Personal webmaster don’t do the thought "streaking", to do the work of planning doers, sinking heart to do a week that the achievements of far more than a year "". Many of the newcomers can get new Adsense income in a few months, it is that they don’t have too many worries, dare to try, dare to practice and experience in practice slowly accumulated, familiar with website operation rules, also it is easy to obtain income from the network.

"ruthless" to force no Everything is going smoothly. success, in the process of Web site operators, most of the time the situation forced us to give up, perhaps for technical reasons, perhaps because of financial reasons, perhaps because of family opposition, perhaps because of the life force, in fact, this time is to start. Success is not achieved many achievements, but in the customer a lot of difficulties, some successful webmaster we see the achievements, which are behind the bitter history, they are on the brink of despair struggling too, but they insisted, so also will have today’s achievements. Remember, you have from the first domain, no matter what the future will be to make a living, you will always be the webmaster, since it is the webmaster, do not choose to be a deserter, do not say that they do not fit the webmaster, not suitable for people, not only adhere to the people.

"ruthless" in bold this one is more suitable for the operation of the team of individual owners, in the process of team work, inevitably because of disagreements between differences and even conflict, as the core personnel or management personnel, will be in disagreement when there are contradictions have courage to "green", can let the team members in the shortest possible time for differences to reach a consensus, not to deviate from the goal of reunification, if members of a member of the "final part company each going his own way, force" is certainly far inferior to the strength of the team and the strength of the individual. From this level, it also means that if you want the team to work, you need to have the "soul" power

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