On the localization operation trend of tourism websites we should do a good job of UGC product plan

domestic tourism website after several years of development, in different areas has formed a few big tourism website giant, however with users accurate service promotion, has become a pressing matter of the moment segmentation of users and provide better service, local operation already mentioned some of the big net station development agenda.

this paper refers to the tourism website localization is operating as a unit in the city, the site will be specified in part or all of the contents of adapted to target users demand content, including information, community, DMS, tourism products, can be simply understood as a service in which users "of city channel group".

1. The need for localization of travel websites

1, the rigid demand for attributes of tourism products

According to properties of

products, travel ticket products are rigid, so users can easily login the website to find related products, without cumbersome click several times, this is the only way which must be passed to improve the user experience, IP positioning system currently has a good solution to this problem, for example: I was in Nanjing people, I basically do not care tour starting from Guangdong, if I open the web page by default is the "Nanjing tourism supermarket" content on the page, either automatically generated list or page recommendation, so it is easy to find suitable for the needs of the line, ticket, is the user experience better;

2, for the starting point of accurate advertising demand

advertising demand for advertisers, if for the departure of urban users, the more accurate segmentation, the better the effect.

3, the surrounding tours, local travel personalized service needs

according to the analysis of the characteristics of domestic tourism, it can be seen that the departure destination and the domestic travel destination of the tourists from different destinations are not very different. But, obviously, different users on their tour around the city of and local travel is different, and travel around, local tours and travel demand than outbound and domestic travel should be large, but also of the users are most concerned about the column. At present, most of the local tourism sites, mostly for foreign tourists, the introduction of destination, mainly scenic spots and routes, and the lack of local people eat and board, travel, shopping, entertainment guide.

also, most of the websites are mainly around the city of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Sichuan, and the surrounding cities of the four cities. Other major cities are not involved in the surrounding tours.

The limitations of

4 and the development of local tourism websites

throughout the local domestic tourism website, the current development trend of polarization, one is the emphasis on the city as a tourist destination (this is mainly a tourist destination city), most travel agencies, local government background, its content is biased to product introduction; one is the starting point of this kind of tour pal Forum the forum is hot, but the lack of operation and management, to provide complete.

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