Personal views on travel SNS websites

is a senior tourism entertainment instead of dating game, tourism has its particularity, with tourism as a hobby together is a real demand for tourism, when travelers get useful information from a friend, they become friends after Walker pace after the friends of the city who are mostly will take the opportunity to visit the.

network is a reflection of real life. The Internet is not virtual, it is an extension of reality. As a result, the SNS community should build a social network for its users in the light of sharing and communicating with friends. Social rules in real society apply equally to the internet. The real self introduction, photos, blogs, show sincerity, trust can be established based on the network, and on this basis with the interactive behavior.

SNS’s six degree theoretical source, everyone has the desire to share with others. The use of grab spaces, the sale of friends and other games, take the initiative to send invitation way to lure users, quickly gather user, but at the time of the number of users, how to ensure the quality of the user? (Note: booking E travel network’s "Friends of the trip home" is used in UCHOME SNS system, want to to build their own SNS platform friends can choose. The government offers free download for commercial use. Please buy genuine copies and respect the achievements of others.


high quality content depends on high quality users. But in a circle of friends, bad money drives out good money. It’s like a lot of money. As there is no rules do not like Cheng Fangyuan, when one can not find their respect when rules, more and more people are beginning to not respect, the overall quality of the community is declining, the last good people find themselves around swearing all lie, no one can understand their own experience to share. It is no longer the website operators bother operating platform so hit.

there is a saying that good, even if the virtual ID is a personality, "Jiminggoudao of the door, there is not


good circle, in addition to good themes, but also need to have a total of respect for all the rules, this is a circle of long-term vitality of the soul.


SNS circle is like a home where owners maintain daily routines, discuss travel plans with friends, share travel processes, travel products, Internet supermarkets, travel tools, destination information searches, and more.

meets the needs of all aspects of the user, and can not meet each other can also discuss each other. "Friends of the home" is committed to build the world’s leading circle of travel circles. Welcome to join our home, let us together look forward to SNS beautiful tomorrow.

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