The acquisition of PHPWind may become the biggest flaw of Ma occupation career

looks like mom’s buying PW is a bit of a mystery, and DoNews has a comment to TW, let’s see,

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recently, Ali mother announced that the official forum will be converted to PHPWind. Informed sources said that although both sides did not publicly announced, but Ali’s acquisition of PHPWind has been secretly completed behind. May 30th, Sina media is exposed, Ali Group paid the price of about 50000000 yuan. The author as Ali mother’s users and a webmaster, hear this news is very surprised.

Ma Yun took the helm of the Ali group on personal webmaster domain has been a long time, whether it is Ali mother or YAHOO NCP, have spent a lot of manpower and financial resources to win the small owners. Acquisition forum program seems reasonable thing, because China has hundreds of thousands of webmaster are using BBS program, control the BBS program developers, naturally also view control a large number of webmaster. However, spend 50 million acquisition of PHPWind will end, is really surprising, it seems that Ma also has "head" when.

, PHPWind

in dire straits

, the author was a mobile network users, because later need to use PHP for subsequent project integration, so converted to PHPWind, but I did not expect this forum, I want to despair. Since the use of PHPWind, the site has repeatedly failed, repeatedly seeking technical assistance, have been mercilessly rejected, the official team’s indifference to the user cool. I can’t remember which version, they actually forced the installation of rogue advertising plug-in in the program, when almost all of the users were unaware of the situation won the bid. Later, because of the conflict with the officials, the website was inexplicably intruded, all the data were deleted, more than a year’s effort was destroyed, leaving the author only anger and helplessness. Specific not much said, this program in the hearts of the webmaster in the end what position? Interested friends can use keywords, "PW garbage", "PW rogue" Baidu once, you can understand one or two.

of course, PHPWind has its own advantages, that is, the forum runs well. Unfortunately, the market competition is fierce, coupled with the lack of common vision, team personnel continue to drain, PHPWind development process is slow, months do not update, gradually abandoned by the webmaster, in dire straits. Due to the lack of user income is to make ends meet, PHPWind founder Wang Xueji has revealed a weakness, even investors have lost their confidence, began looking for buyers. Just let a person have not thought of is, Ma Yun eventually became the big head of injustice.

acquisition behind the existence of shady?

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