Some college students are behind the scenes full of trouble

The lack of

resources management policies, entrepreneurial elements "see, touch", the lack of long-term and entrepreneurial guidance system…… These constraints become college students on the road to a sad road.

Joe Weiqi nuclear technology from the Lanzhou University in 2011, after two years of living in the city of Beijing, returned to his hometown in Heilongjiang Mingshui County, in a small village called across the city, opened the "opposite the town" of Taobao. For 3 years, Qiao Weiqi has the joy of entrepreneurship, but also a variety of unexpected distress.

in 2015, Wang Weizhen, a junior at LanZhou JiaoTong University, founded a major Internet technology company with his friends. Initially, he took an active part in all kinds of entrepreneurial competition, and later found that a lot of medals, but not many opportunities for project incubation. Another of his feeling is that current policies to support entrepreneurship, but the business daily guidance to.

and Qiao Weiqi, like Wang Weizhen, in Lanzhou colleges and universities, as well as a group of college students, such as entrepreneurs, such as Lei Lei, Deng Yubo. They learn to play, innovation, entrepreneurship in the small stage of the harvest, but also experiencing a variety of growing pains.

elements of less resources, difficult to play Symphony

never thought, looking for a suitable e-commerce artist is so difficult." Qiao Weiqi said. Taobao shop needs art, Joe in the local advertising to recruit people, out of the best treatment can afford, but few candidates to apply for the job is difficult to do. He felt helpless.

helpless, his own tuition, from the village to find young people to train training. "But there are still some things to outsource." Joe waiakea said, it will increase the cost of.

is hard to recruit, staff, Lei Lei also encountered similar problems. 2011 to enter the Gansu Agricultural University to study biological products, but Lei Lei has a strong interest in photography, in particular, like UAV video. 2015, Lei Lei and his companions founded a technology company, the main UAV related business.

unmanned aerial vehicle mapping, environmental monitoring, VR and other projects, and sometimes shooting promo. According to the normal business processes, each single business will be the first to develop a preliminary program, then the scene shooting, and then the final editing and modification, each link has a person responsible for. But Lei Lei, due to lack of manpower, project operation and production are the same people do, everybody work hard.

just started the business, can provide limited wages to employees, in this case, to find like-minded, and the ability of partners is indeed difficult." Lei Lei said with deep feeling.

in addition to the lack of manpower, lack of entrepreneurial factors, poor access to high-quality resources is also the reality of college students facing entrepreneurs.

2014, Deng Yubo resigned from the Faculty of Lanzhou University, decided to start a business. During the study, Deng Yubo found that a lot of people around to eat authentic beef noodles and regret. From childhood

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