nterpretation flash purchase website Fab inspiration social electricity supplier content is the key

Fab CEO Jason Goldberg said, "when people want to buy some design products, we want people to think of us, not buy them. That’s not important."."

Fab is a flash shopping Flash Sales for business model of electronic shopping website, its main products for design is strong, usually in the store rarely seen products mainly. It is not the general electronic shopping site navigation, to provide high-quality goods to limit the special offer waterfall flow and real-time information of Feed, the audience first for some designers, customers generally to now for many love fashion goods also to browse it in Fab. In early February, Fab also launched a new 7 day stores selling food, children and pet supplies etc..

Fab has made very good numbers in just 8 months on the line, with 2 million users and users growing fast. Fab’s sales are expected to reach $100 million this year. The company employs 4 people from New York and now has 128, and another 40 are in India.


says why Fab does well, there are many layers. You’ll notice that it has a very nice, waterfall view. You will find that the choice of its products is very special, and it is a very strong design commodity. You’ll also see that the flash purchase model works well, and they sell at about 30%-70% less than the retail store and sell for about 3 days.

I think the content is the best place Fab does. The editor of PandoDaily Sarah Fab Fab isn said, "t an Ecommerce Company s a Content Company; It with Sales. Fab CEO Jason said that they have the best content editing, our users of our daily DM is not objectionable, more people will look forward to your electronic mail today is what.

in order to verify this view, I registered Fab myself. Its e-mail is very frequent, there will be 2 letters a day to introduce the latest Sales. It is the content of the message, with only a few words, and very beautiful pictures of the goods, make you feel that you have received a store brochures, if not to buy these goods out of the ordinary, but also pleasing. In addition, you never know what will be in his mail tomorrow. This surprise and expectation is very rare. Jason says so when they describe their website experience, Simple, Browsing, and, Discovery. For example, the average website, you will see books are books, clothes, shoes and other navigation. But in its mail, there will always be something you don’t expect, and every one

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