2009 the nternet industry nine conjecture

‘s hot spot news and hot spots have always been a benchmark for China’s internet. It is no exaggeration to say that Tianya influences an era. In the world’s largest Chinese community, every day there will be hot words born, every day there will be grassroots popular, every day there will be rumors of much sought after. High popularity, so that peer stunning.

earlier, Tianya was planning to go public. If it hadn’t been the financial crisis, I’m afraid the skyline would have been successfully listed. From the attention of the end of the world to prepare for listing, I have been wondering whether the end of the world will be transformed? In the Internet industry, the United States and China turned around everywhere. Tencent of the year, from an IM provider to today’s Internet empire. NetEase from a portal perfect turn for game predators. The giant from a health care products company transformed into a online game company, that is, in the first three places. Now we are exposed to Internet Co, many have been completed again after another transformation.

although we are faced with a crisis now, the crisis also means opportunity. I’m sure Tianya doesn’t always focus on forums. NetEase chat room closed, means that we chat with the era of farewell. And will the community be replaced? Obviously, the development of SNS has posed a threat to the existence of the community. Earlier, there were rumors that the world has been brewing into a SNS site. However, Tianya still holds a wait-and-see attitude towards SNS. Perhaps, Tianya worry about if the transition SNS, will not like the China Unicom CG Bo? Maybe! 2008, Tianya just try to do some, and not yet fully determined. If in accordance with the current situation, the end of the world will not just a pure community, nor will it be a pure SNS. In my opinion, the end of the world is bound to retain the community, but it is bound to develop SNS. I think Tianya is exploring and exploring a pattern of coexistence. If the community and SNS can effectively combine, for Tianya is the best. However, the reality is still not optimistic. Perhaps, the end of the world can also have another transformation, that is, community + portal +SNS. This model can draw on Baidu, from a search to the door of the attempt.

of course, I’m worried and looking forward to it. My concern is that if the transformation of the world is successful, can we still have such a good space? My expectation is that the Internet needs more innovators. Transformation is actually an innovation and a manifestation of pioneering spirit. I am looking forward to a new case for future comers to study.

conjecture 2: Tencent is on the verge of bankruptcy

, I’m a regular user of QQ, and I don’t expect the Tencent to go bust. Besides, Tencent bankruptcy, I do not have a penny of the benefits. But in 2009, Tencent bankruptcy was not impossible. This is the world’s largest IM supplier, a new army in the Chinese gateway field, a bully in the game world, and an all-around player. But it made me see the shadow of IBM.

, Tencent and IB>

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