Like love do user experience

many Internet products are not successful, not because of the functional problems of the product itself, but because of the user experience and peer products opened the gap. But the user experience does not have a fixed standard to follow. There are no ready-made models to follow. The reason that the user experience is the experience, there should be a more humane thing inside, in fact, our daily interpersonal communication, the product itself is also a role as to how users and contacts, to see whether properly, we might as well put products and users as a couple, this interaction between the two is a love, so between the product and the user how to go about this love


first of all, build a good first impression. Can be said that the rich handsome ratio is not too high, so many girls in the eyes, not rich handsome we can at least keep tidy and clean and dirty outside, refused to careless about dressing. Do the user experience design is the same, especially in the visual design reflected more clearly, even if the product can not be perfect, but at least it should be concise and lively, do not deliberately false packing decoration of the full understanding of what is called flashy without substance, too far, because sometimes the simpler design tends to be more difficult than the complex design. Otherwise it is easy to give users the opposite effect.

secondly, show your highlights and core strengths. And girls in the process of love, boys need to actively express themselves, otherwise it is difficult to get the appreciation of girls. For users, products need to let users see their own highlights and core strengths, or else conquer girls with what?. For example, the interface design is an important part of the user experience, but also reflects the content and connotation of external packaging, which requires the interface design to be able to have their own style and highlights, highlight the biggest advantage, first let users can feel the charm of the external products out of the ordinary.

then, strengthen communication and interact as much as possible. In the process of love, there is no need for regular interaction. Without communication, there will be no understanding, and there will be no further development. Do the user experience is the same, the functional design and interactive link products, users will need to strengthen the communication between the user and the product, the possibility of improvement, especially in product design, to be able to effectively transfer the concept and basic features of the product itself on the products also let more vivid and interesting, to attract users the eye.

fourth, understand each other’s love, know how to match up. Love of both men and women often have a more comprehensive understanding of each other, to be able to get the favor of the other, when one of the parties to understand each other’s interests, to be caring in love, often can make love more sweet. Do the user experience is the same, the product designer, not by our own personal preference for the design, users should not assume is in charge of imagination, but should fully understand user behavior, collect user data reliable, comprehensive letter > on the target user

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