How to make good use of micro blog’s extended viscosity

twenty-first Century is an age of greater emphasis on interactive communication, perhaps the feature that has made the internet grow rapidly. The network itself has the dissemination, timeliness, interaction, so that people’s way of communication has become more convenient. As a result, the network e-commerce has become a hot trend of development. Many businesses and enterprises set up e-commerce platform is to better interaction, so as to achieve the success of marketing, which must be supported by network promotion.

speaks of promotion, the stationmaster that knows well all knows, network promotion is in brief, it is to use network to popularize his product and service, gain gain thereby. Network promotion methods are numerous, how to find a most suitable for their own methods is important. At present, micro-blog marketing as an effective means of media attributes and social attributes of the active push interactive information platform, in the promotion of the network is also a considerable value of the emerging approach. With some of their own experience in China, 8U, share with you.

The instantaneous possibility of

micro-blog promotion


marketing can use the most concise meaning of their products and services spread in this fast-paced life environment, people seem to have lost interest to spend more time to browse your information, therefore, micro-blog promotion with one of the most simple way to achieve better network promotion.

Interactive advantages of

micro-blog architecture

micro-blog network promotion to the link between the user and the enterprise’s interests better, more emphasis on the viscosity, aggregation, the user can as an interesting topic for instant crowd over, and is a key to grasp the hot spots in the promotion process. In the process of promotion, pay attention to the information released should be interested in the audience, rather than what you call advertising, how to skillfully integrate into advertising, is that every promoter should learn.

micro-blog carries ad passive active

micro-blog promotion not only as information dissemination channels, push a single information, and then let the user passively accept, this is not micro-blog’s function of this type of marketing, of course, is not a permanent solution. How to make your micro-blog marketing more effective, focus on micro-blog platform initiative is more important. Take micro-blog into an interactive platform, through training, stimulate the audience and between the common interests and hobbies, to serve as the starting point to organize information, resulting in a highly viscous marketing platform in service based interest and knowledge among the implant products, and the manufacturing strategy of continuing topic, time agglomeration effectively its own customers, enhance the user attention repeat probability.

China 8U in doing micro-blog promotion, pay more attention to these details, this is also the network promotion, knocking on the door of the profit must request. Pay attention to micro-blog viscosity, from the above aspects to start, will let novice and webmaster have a better network promotion direction. 5D|Zr, U |

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