From three identity to explain my interpretation of group buying our group buying dream

group purchase not only now, but now is the time relatively hot, so hot, what is the status of it, although I am not an expert but I group purchase, from the three identity to explain my interpretation of the group purchase.

first, I’m a consumer,

was the first to say that I am a consumer, I bought something in the Taobao group purchase, also bought something in a separate group purchase website, I feel pretty good, of course there will be some small problems, is probably the reason I am also business, what advice I didn’t have now said so many questions, may I met, he did not know. As a consumer, my understanding is this,


1. to cheap and 80% of the 100% group purchase group purchase, even people (including me) to come cheap, discount for me a great attraction, of course I also consider the value of the product itself, for example, I bought a pair of shoes, is not a big brand shoes, I see he is more practical how much money is, and if it is Adidas or Nike and so on, I will see it what discount.

2. I have a sense of dependence, buy happy words in a group purchase website, I often see, often buy, although sometimes don’t go home to see, but the desire to buy is not so strong, but sometimes I think they give advice, but also hope that they can do well.

3. buys when it’s in demand. When I need this item now, there’s a group purchase. As long as it fits, I’ll buy it without hesitation. For example, just the Dragon Boat Festival, dumplings, I would very much consider buying, or 61, and want to buy gifts for children, if any, I will also consider buying.

4., I want to be honest, I hate the most is to be fooled, I just want to find an honest platform, honest selling things, these are the basis. Otherwise, no matter how much money you spend, you can die if you don’t use it.

second, I’m a businessman,

the current stage, businesses have seen the group purchase operation, now Taobao seller is racking his brain to Juhuasuan. Of course, there are reasons for this. They can get more attention from their shops and brands. They can realize the increase of sales, and get some advantages in the competition of peers. However, the effect is how, estimated that each family has different experience. I would like to say, to broaden their horizons, the market is really vast.

1. to carry out multi platform cooperation, buy more than one, many of the group buying site if you can begin to cooperate, regardless of the brand’s influence, or sales will have a great impact.

2. Choose the right product group purchase, when you choose a very suitable season or festival goods, can save a lot of power, both sales and profits rate has a guarantee, of course, if there is no suitable festivals, we can also describe the suitability of goods, to stimulate customer shopping.

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