Alibaba QQ Baidu’s big PK

    no matter how the vampire changes, it can’t change his blood sucking nature. Merchants, too, no matter what the means they use, but all around the word "Li", they will show their original shape. No nonsense. Get to the point.

has read "poor dad, rich dad" and should soon be able to say that assets are bigger than liabilities. What is an asset: something that continues to give you money; what is debt: something that keeps taking money away from you. Example: if your house is for rent, then this is an asset; if your house is for the month, it’s debt. By saying it is to China). The more money you enter, the less money you have, the more money you have in your hand. In the modern capitalist era, the important thing is not how much money you make, but how much money you have in hand.

now has three Internet giants Chinese inside business model:

(1) Alibaba: some time ago alibank domain name dispute, people only in that comment, no one to think about why Ali wants the bank domain name. Quite simply, he positioned himself as a bank. Alibaba, Taobao, Ali mom is just a showcase for people, it is not important for these platforms to make money for ali. Stand in people’s height (not Ma, is behind Sun Zhengyi and the Wall Street) their habits are so, placed in front of a lot of dazzling services, but also established a say to the people – ma. Ali Co is the core of alipay. This financial instrument is the BUG in China’s financial system. Because it was packaged by the Internet, it was protected by the local government in Zhejiang, and it was concealed by Ma Yun’s eye-catching behaviors such as show, so it was very secretive.

Alipay: both sides of the transaction money is flowing through this tool, but in the whole transaction process, money is always stay in Alipay – actually is the Alipay company in the bank account. Change data online are only virtual, money is in a Alipay account in the virtual flow, actually no flow. The average consumer not to confirm receipt, the money will stay in the Alipay account for about 20 days, and now it takes 1 days, and some businessmen simply put money in Alipay, not to mention now, because we have to do business has to go through a Alipay, so Alipay will stay a huge money, as long as the transaction continues, money will stay in this tool. This money has been interest and interest is Alipay’s own. He is equal to open 2 banks, do not have anything to do, can get a lot of money, as long as online shopping exists, never closed down. Example: a river, dug in the middle of a large pool, as long as the water has been flowing, the pool has been stored a lot of water. Alipay is the pool.


for the banks, as long as he is in the Alipay account there, money has been in the bank. "

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