How to reduce the time to exchange links

link is a good way out of the chain, but it also takes time. I will not buy the link. So, how can I save myself the time to find a link? I’ll talk about it in my personal experience.

every time I look for a link, I’ll make a record of the other party’s website, contact information, keywords. If there is no exchange success, record the reasons for the failure. If someone changes the link for you, but the condition is bad, you don’t change it and make a record. In order to reduce the size of the picture, I highlighted the reason column.


when you record more, this is the resource. You don’t have to take time to find it. Once you refuse the site, such as "inappropriate", is the other side of the snapshot slow, included less and other reasons. Maybe the development of this period has been very good. You do not hurry to contact him? Who did not change the successful web site, you are looking at the reasons, such as "not responsible person" "tomorrow in contact" "no reply" of this, you can contact again. There are two situations where snapshot is slow or they are too slow or you are slow. Then you can wait until the snapshot is updated and contact again. I once talked about good friendship, really not much, most of the second links are successful. Several of the above, and later successfully exchanged links, save a lot of time.

second, start from your website. We change friendship link, often encounter industry related delay time. Then you can avoid such a problem from your own website. Open your friends chain site, find their industry related links, and then through their friends to find down, there will be a lot of good resources. The picture is a bit ugly, that’s it:


third, BBS exchange links, plates do not care. I started posting and often looked back. In fact, we all know, in the forum for links, are in order to do the chain. Few people are really willing to change. You can leave a QQ number, and if someone really does, let them direct you to Q. You don’t have to check the response.

fourth, so take advantage of QQ resources. In the QQ group released the exchange of information, have no echo. Usually, after opening the group conversation, you send your website directly. You can’t guarantee that everyone can see your information and remember it after reading it. So you can send one to everyone in the group. Perhaps you suspect that this is not a waste of time. First, you can send them to someone who has already exchanged them, and they have a higher match of your site and your website. Then one day, a group, each group turns. Save time. Although no one replies to you, but often to your website information, they will virtually remember, and if there is a match site, they will think of you.


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