How to identify the true and false flow of websites

today in my QQ group saw someone selling advertising bit, I chatted with him a few words, ask its Web site. From the web site, is a marine classified information website procedures, the site’s user experience is very bad, are collected some or human flesh information, the page is covered with advertising. Ha ha, I don’t know where he got these advertising league. Most importantly, the upper part of the site has an ocean contact icon.

from the interface, this person has not been properly modified. So I asked them how much traffic, he told me more than 3000, I laughed, this site one day 10 IP on the good three thousand. I want to count the password, see, sure, 3K more than IP, but 99.9% is direct access, and the 3 is the search engine over. You can see that the traffic on this site is cheating.


told him what he thought, the man deliberately accused the website of buying it, but it was not clear. So I searched the human flesh, and found that this person is keen on agricultural websites, and the websites are similar. High traffic, web pages can not open.

how to identify true and false traffic,


first, look at the interface, second, look at the statistical analysis. General 80% from search is more real. Most of the direct access is cheating.

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