Discuz President Chen Liang good micro community operations the key to pinpoint the positioning



Chengdu daily micro community "star production team" opened, has accumulated tens of thousands of visits and many active users, for friends, for dinner, for the welfare of the fight meet the eye everywhere, but what is the micro micro community? The value of community where? How to create a micro community with valuable? With these questions, the Chengdu daily in the April 24th Chengdu Conference on the Internet exclusively interviewed the person in charge of the micro community, the world’s largest community forum software Discuz! Co-founder, Kang Sheng company president Chen Liang. The following is an interview record:

micro community is no different from traditional communities, good mobile end experience, you need to put aside the existing resources, baggage

Q: what’s the difference between a micro community and a traditional community?

Chen Liang: there are no essential difference, is to meet the communication needs of users and more on the nature of the demand is the same, but the characteristics of the PC end is the big screen, can do some of the complex, the mobile terminal must be simple, user time is debris, must do an easy clear and clear. User needs or the original demand, but changed a pattern of expression, so essentially no difference, and meet the user’s point is also very much the same.

question: how can a micro community turn this situation around in the absence of traditional communities,


Chen Liang: the traditional PC traffic actually did not decline, but now all the people are concerned about the trend of mobile Internet, our attention becomes less, fixed users will go, but they did not reduce the number of traffic.

weapon micro community operations: find the location, do more activities, online and offline combination.

question: Chengdu Commercial Daily micro community "red star production team" is currently the flagship of making friends, what is the operation of the tips


Chen Liang: take a look at your location, it is a big or small and beautiful, and then see if you have no real understanding of the needs of users, do not have to meet the needs of users, have continued to do? Will continue to do is popular. Because now the entrance is deep, the probability of the user initiative is relatively small, is now beginning, this is a thing of the future, spend some time in operation, constantly manufacturing topics, making the atmosphere, rather than some operators, opened a micro community on the matter, to unite the power of users do some operations, the combination of online and offline.

question: should the content of the micro community be differentiated from the public accounts?


Chen Liang: the public account is a 1 media platform, is the wonderful content edited pushed to users, the Internet was originally like this, but later social circle, this form can not fully meet the needs of users, but also want to see some of the more vivid, occur in the side of the real feelings. This is the community.

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