Being a station is just an interest not a profession

station is an interest, but will not do stand as an occupation. This is in terms of the individual owners. Why, I will say it like this. The first station there are too many unstable. Unstable factors for several major:

1: of Baidu. For many personal webmaster, Baidu is a love hate role. Baidu has the absolute position in Chinese, also created a Baidu, for the vast majority of the webmaster is the nurse role. When your favorite Baidu station, traffic will crash. But one day Baidu K you. Your station is not far away from the dead. Unless you find is the cause of the K, and quickly thought of processing methods. Or you may have included. And you will do the station is a kind of occupation. Stations are not far away from the dead, you only income is broken. Then you will live a good


2: advertisers: status are not less than Baidu. But Baidu flow to the personal station will consider whether to choose which advertisers? Ah mom.GGAD. Baidu, there are many similar advertisers. For example, GGAD now. Which day your GGAD account has 100$or more, but you haven’t got the money. The account was closed. By GGAD alone. Closure of the personal account station there are still a lot of examples. This account was closed. How would you like to.

3: space, domain names, website content. Site positioning. These N more than written. I do not want to write the.

if you do the above are good. There is a very important factor. Your family is willing to look at what you are doing. Do not stand. Many parents have no contact with this kind of things, they are willing to send their children all day to put a computer at home?

is not stability with the above factors. Want a station becomes a kind of occupation is so difficult. And will do the station just as a hobby does not have this problem. I is such an example. I do stand is pure interest. Baidu he accept me, not to give the flow of me, I don’t know. There are interested advertisers. Baidu, I do not care. I also care about him? Do you interest in the website will give you some extra income from time to time, some people would say. Now a lot of money. In the webmaster ADMIN5 to write, said how much money how much money will be written up. His station, said the website earns how much. I would like to ask people who made money webmaster. Please send your GGAD or ah mom. Backstage account revenue will cut a figure down, see if it is true, the website is written those in his article the obvious one. That is the motivation of propaganda. If you really make money website. Dare to write in his article published in the ADMIN5. Or here. / not three days. A large number of standing with you as like as two peas will run out, now collected so much. Li Xingping Chinese only one. You don’t dream second Li Xingping. Ji or Ji real a job. Although the work doesn’t make you rich, but at least.

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