Deep dialogue Wu Xinhong eight years of entrepreneurial anxiety to go to PO is the time to talk abo

"it’s time to talk about the future." December 15, 2016, Mito company founder Wu Xinhong said.

this day, he formally founded the United States over the past eight years. In the eight years, 1981 born Taiwanese guy Wu Xinhong, put a niche product into a popular concept, a company located in Xiamen, pushed to the front of the whole world.

about the map, there are a lot of memories and can speak. For example, eight years ago, the "graphic" or demand, a vertical niche and now, "beauty", "beauty" and "self" has become a national concept, become a popular demand, become an indispensable part in the new era.

but this is only the most glamorous beauties in the story representation part. This is the same in the eight years, from the creation to go IPO, Wu Xinhong told sina that every day is full of anxiety, every day for fear of being subversive, such anxiety makes him difficult to fall asleep the night, worried that the figure had lost their ability to understand young users.

but this is also the official core of the United States and the United States where the map, which prompted the United States to seize the tools software, mobile Internet, smart hardware, short video, mobile live, such as every opportunity and opportunity. In remote Xiamen, Mito is more acute than more Internet Project insight and action.

and now, Wu Xinhong feels it’s time to talk about the future. In fact, this is not just a choice of artificial intelligence in the visual image map represent the general trend, the United States has eight years of accumulation, this is the best opportunity for the broader future, but this opportunity, Wu Xinhong said: "only IPO can bring beauties to the world, to the future layout of the world’s top talent recruitment."

on the occasion of the IPO, Mito founder and CEO Wu Xinhong accepted an exclusive interview with Sina Technology, in-depth talk about the past, present, and future of the United states.

Wu Xinhong said: "it’s time to talk about the future."

listed to enhance the beauty of the brand, for the future layout of the global talent recruitment

Sina Technology: Why did you decide to go to the market at this time point?

Wu Xinhong: at this point in time, in fact, did not say special consideration. More because we want to IPO, rather than at a specific point in time IPO. Because for us, as long as the IPO is a good thing, no time to pick.

Sina Technology: what are the considerations?

Wu Xinhong: OK, I think for several reasons, the most important point, IPO can make our brand has been enlarged, can let the beauty map into international company, can greatly enhance the brand, I think this is for our future to attract a great help.

sina science and technology: feel talent reserve is not enough?

Wu Xinhong: I think we have to attract the most high-end talent in the future

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