Explore online English learning website positioning and post operation thinking

we know, website localization is a critical step in the website operation, if the location is not good, for our late operation is very negative, with the development of the Internet change rapidly, the progress of technology, we are now building website is not what difficult, community SNS system, CMS system and open source and open source is all kinds of conditions popular now, so in the site has eliminated the technical aspects of the gap, and now is the most important site positioning, clear positioning for later operation can save a lot of cost. Once the site has made a clear direction, we can work in a direction that is relatively simple to operate. I also did a year of grassroots webmaster, that’s what I thought of online English learning website operation, and we exchange, if you have any good suggestions, welcome your advice.

one, the construction phase identify the direction of

When I

online English learning website construction has just begun, the direction is not clear, too complex too messy, the column looks big and full, but the real content is less and less, which will bring great workload to the day after. The construction stage due to an unknown location, column too much, too slow to update the content has been included is not good, and not many original English learning class manuscript, and not in accordance with the idea of optimization to site in the search engine, so there is no ranking. The site shut off after half a year, began to realize the importance of optimization and promotion, and began to regroup, revision, reduction column.

in fact on the line six months later, revision is very bad, is the webmaster all understand this truth. But for my website to have a good development, so it is ready to sacrifice. Then adjust the positioning and direction of the website, focused online listening and download these two pieces, cut to make snap plate, starting from the two block, and then slowly expand to other sectors, such as the English learning website in order to large competitors in talent shows itself. To sum up, we must carry out an overall planning stage in the site construction, positioning must be fine, accurate, so that we can achieve the goal of publicity in the late stage.

two, content optimization,

website manuscript content can’t do original, but also if pseudo original, content must do well optimization, otherwise will die very miserably. Take my online English learning website for example. For the first half of the year, I basically copied all the content of other English portal websites and didn’t bother to modify the title. Even more ridiculous is that people’s Web site, the content of the article. Now, I do stupid things, the website PR is now 3, and I have the obligation to rival the chain of thousands, the reason is that I have a copy of each article in the people’s network address, this how ridiculous things. I wanted to hit my competitors, and it turned out to be their volunteer. This is a living example of the lack of content optimization, and I hope the lazy webmaster like me is better not to make such low-level mistakes again

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