Local portal love and profit development together

as technology updates, it’s not difficult to find a portal site now. This undoubtedly greatly reduces the operating pace of the local portal station. With the lowering of the stairs, the competition is certainly becoming more and more fierce. Want to stand out, except for the program and content of the site itself, and one more thing, where is our feature,


personally feel that the operation of local portal station, you need to consider the problem at least four:

1, site features

2, website erection,

3, profit model

4, follow-up development direction

then I will use my current Chifeng Sunshine Network to explain and supplement. I will elaborate on the whole process of building Chifeng sunshine net.

1, site features

this is my first priority to consider, a local gateway station, if it does not have its own characteristics, it will be very dangerous. Because there are so many websites competing with you, the same content can’t be seen there. Why do you want to come to my station?

because Chifeng is a part of Inner Mongolia, it has a strong Mongolia style. I think the most attractive thing about Chifeng is his culture. Its culture means its native customs, customs, tourist resources, human affairs, accidents and so on. Moreover, this culture can only be owned by Chifeng itself and cannot be held anywhere else. Now some of Chifeng’s local portal, is more general, capital letters. And I do, do fine, do fine.

I read the introduction in Chifeng, after reading many times, after repeated ideas gradually clear up: we went to visit the Chifeng gateway station, the main understanding is Chifeng itself, Chifeng recently, understand the Chifeng folk, know some resources in Chifeng have, and understand Chifeng and other places is not the same place. As for other things that are not relevant to Chifeng, it is not necessary for us to understand this platform from Chifeng. Then, I define a column down, as follows: | Chifeng | news

these columns have the function of:

|: Chifeng in Chifeng, this is the necessary function of

| news: note that these news is Chifeng local news, more than Chifeng, we don’t consider. We are local stations, we do local station content;

| Folk: I think this is a lot to go to Chifeng, want to go to Inner Mongolia and friends who want to learn the content, this is also the focus of


| resources, tourism, clothing, wine culture, musical instruments: these columns is introduced in Chifeng itself, two is a key direction for my future: a key profit (profit how to look at the back)


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