GGAD2008 snow for fifth years

 :     why would I say the fifth snow in GGAD2008, because GGAD has gone through 5 major moves today () from 2007 to 2008 (2008-02-27)?

      1., reduce the click area of advertising. Most of the webmaster imagine the unit price increase has not appeared. (so that one of the big revenue reduction moves)

      2.GoogleAdsense; referrals referrals; earnings cancellation; (this means that people who work offline eat lost jobs, such as webmaster nets,.Admin5., etc.)

      3. Picasa referrals disappeared. (this made the picture station, non mainstream revenue even worse, a series of moves)

      4.Firefox recommend in China, the price will decrease. (move 3, this move four start again, GGAD just despise us Chinese?)

    5.. If GoogleAdsense’s localization treaty is really put into practice (if it does, we’re not giving up on GGAD. It’s GGAD who gave us up.)

    it seems that 2008 is an alliance of great transformation of the webmaster of the year. I also seek ways to make money for my current alliance? Products into something interesting. I believe you will change. But I always do not want GGAD local words. Actually it is good.GGAD Alliance make, but if you move one after another. This alliance is also good fake. Our webmaster is to benefit. We want GGAD to seriously consider the following China market.


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