Content stations are dead search engines have let users stop searching

note: when word search is no longer a mainstream search, websites will offer more opportunities when multiple search times come in. Perhaps, the arrival of the era of diversification search, will again be the arrival of the vast number of small and medium-sized content web site!


Google before the listing, the founder of Larry ·, Larry (page Page) has said that he wants users to leave Google as soon as possible, to the place to go". This may also be the original intention of search engines, search engines as a transfer point of information index, a tool or platform to connect users and content stations, as a huge gateway to the massive Internet information.

but now the search engine is no longer a friendly partner for the vast majority of small and medium content sites, and search engines have almost stopped users on the search engines. We tried to rub through the changes in the search engine for years:

search, index: information index

that was convenient for users to query

from the era of manual catalog retrieval, to the progress of machine text retrieval, YAHOO played the Internet hero during this period. Strictly speaking, the YAHOO directory and can not be regarded as the true sense of the search engine, but according to the catalogue list of Web links, help users understand and found in various sites on the Internet to a certain extent, get a lot of unexpected harvest. Navigation web site is a typical example of directory index. At present, domestic hao123 and 360 navigation still have a wide range of users.

During this period of

, search engines were more just link index, or search index.

full text search created a new era of search engines, and Google is a well deserved global representative.

search engines improve the quality of user search by grabbing links and combining the importance and similarity of web content, which really opens the search era. From the point of view of information organization, search engine is the two organizational tool of network information resources. It classifies and distributes large amounts of information distributed on different network servers into a form that is easy to query. From the point of view of information retrieval, search engine is an online retrieval platform for querying all kinds of information in the Internet, and organizing and presenting retrieval results in the form of Web pages.

During the

period, the search engine opened the era of content indexing or information indexing. From index to URL to index page content, search engines have developed rapidly. At this point, search is information.

search results from index to result

and now, search engines are changing. They’re no longer just entrances, they’re no longer just indexes. They’re beginning to play the role of destination. Take two typical search engines, Baidu and Google, for example.

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