Adsense growth remember ten the construction of the chain is a protracted war

has not come to share experience for a long time, recently in busy English station construction, therefore delayed the time. Why do English station, this is self-evident, for professional Adsense is a must exceed the pass. Perhaps this series of experience after the future to a English station to share the experience, this is something.

first to report on the network part-time network these 2 weeks of movement, combined with the front of the situation, you can see whether the webmaster to your site growth help place. There is a bad news is that last week, Baidu’s update, the original snapshot of the day to update the "no", and now many of the same owners encountered Baidu Gate 7, Gate 15, and so on. But Baidu snapshot not update did not affect the development, because of the abnormal to the first period, making the current snapshot not update under the condition of the 10 minutes will be Baidu included, but is included in 2 days ahead will not. I don’t know what this is about Baidu, a friend of SEO and Baidu research, I hope I can share some experience. The day before yesterday, the network of part-time network traffic value again created a new high since the establishment of the station, PV, IP, independent visitors have created a new high this week, this is another milestone week.

previously shared a growth note, so that we focus on the search for scattered keywords, and later learned that this is the so-called long tail keywords. Long tail keywords in search traffic accounted for a large proportion, and now finally realized. Although each search volume is 1 2, but the sum of these long tail keywords traffic accounted for almost 70% of search engine traffic. Long tail keyword will be the most noteworthy thing in all kinds of website construction.

comes back to the content network part-time network released less than 10 minutes will be included in Baidu, this is because the original reason, of course, and partly because of the construction of the chain, today my topic is about the construction of the chain.

"content is king, the chain as the emperor" is the so-called standard of website construction, the chain plays a direct role in the development of the website. If the site is divided into 2 areas, then half the time you have to do the content, half of the time you have to do the chain. The specific role of the chain, here does not do the discussion, this article too much, new Adsense can go soso. Network part-time network, combined with the operation experience of the website, share how to do well in the construction of the chain experience.

1: of course it’s a link. Links are more affordable in the construction of the chain, PR low, you can first find their own kind, or higher than their own PR 1, high and too many stations, if there is no network, I am afraid it is difficult to succeed. Do Links should pay attention to is not to find Baidu K or drop right station, because we mainly rely on Baidu to flow, PR lower than you also never mind, Google said PR is a reference standard, it is not the only. PR stands lower than you, even lower 2-3 points, as long as his station has potential for development, that can do. Of course, if you make money by selling PR, that’s another story. You PR all so >!

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