mitation also succeeds in learning from your opponent

imitation is our innate instinct, and with the increasing expansion of the capabilities of imitation now, Internet imitation has become a way for us to grow stronger. In the search engine all sorts of abuse, a lot of people for the search engine promotion has lost confidence, but in the Internet can successfully create benefits for today, people are still not willing to give up the meat and potatoes. But in the face of this dilemma, how can we have the opportunity to survive in this crevice? Learning progress is, on the one hand, self-improvement is another step. In fact, Xiao Bian wants to say that imitation is also a success, learning from opponents is the best way for us to open up this predicament.

in the dissemination of the Internet and the benefits that can bring us, this is a vast market, we can not afford to give up. There is a saying good, Baidu abuse me a thousand times, I treat Baidu as first love, in such a critical moment, we have to carry forward such a spirit, we will play to the original nature. In fact, in the face of such a blow search engine, we do not have a grassroots webmaster is not heartbreaking. However, no matter how hard the search engine is, there is always an enterprise website that can survive the past. Therefore, this will become our breakthrough and should be our object of imitation.

for now frequent update Baidu, many grassroots webmaster has always been Baidu tortured also injured all over the body, including me. Faced with such a situation, my choice is to imitate in a timely manner, the successful copy of others, then to our promotion, it is no disadvantage. First, for a new sites, we need to copy is keywords, description, and the selected title, of course here is not to imitate let us copy, we must learn to avoid the difficulty of the key words reasonable. Or we can do long tail word first, and then try to promote the main word in the long tail of the word ranking, thus forming their own advantages, while not losing the core competition.


for the new station, now Baidu’s friendliness is unimaginable, like some time ago a friend just on the new station in less than two days have been released by Baidu, at the same time there will be a weight value, this is the friendly degree think we all dare not to think before the. Therefore, for the new station, early or have an advantage at boot time, so our webmaster must take advantage of this opportunity to improve their internal capacity Strike while the iron is hot., included articles, wrote more high quality articles on the site. At the same time to remind you that when doing the chain must be careful, because now Baidu for the chain of audit is very strict, the slightest mistake is likely to ruin their laborious. So, is there a risk we don’t do? Of course not, the chain is a very important part of a website, in order to successfully improve their keywords ranking, the chain is to consider both

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