To share with you the experience of building a website

I dropped out of college that year and learned a little about myself. Then I went into a small technology company and made some management programs. The group leader said to me, "what you do is also a procedure."

worked there for more than half a year and found out that it was really not my dream job. Then began to try their own business, tried a variety of industries, tried a variety of failures.

I started my first business with half a year’s wage savings. Reselling genuine comic books in Japan and Hongkong. At that time, genuine comics must be purchased from Hongkong mail order, the cost is much higher. Then I have the money and is quite rare, so I started to advertise in a comic magazine, the price is too high or don’t know what to buy, only one person, adhere to 3 months, basically wiped out all the remaining money.

03 years, I bought the first domain name and space, spent a total of more than 200 yuan, look at other people picture station flow is very large. Also learned to engage in a beautiful picture station (not yellow picture), collected a lot of beautiful pictures around here, and finally I speed more and more slowly, do not say, there is no one to visit in a month. Then one day, I couldn’t get up any more. I called the space agent and said that the picture station was closed. I explained it for a long time and it was totally useless. The next few months have been wasted.


and several friends raised money, rented a shopping mall top of a small store, opened a home appliance shop together, sell GBA, PS what. But because they do not know a lot of repair problems, the quality of incoming goods also have problems, the cost is high, many people bought a game card can not be used for a while, and only for others. After 2 months, the business is getting worse and worse and the rent is not coming back. One day, one of the partners took several people with all the things in the store, the air conditioning was removed, and they got away with a large sum of money.

has not worked since then, and has done two forums, a game guide, a forum, a hodgepodge, the result is also a few people every day to patronize. Put a lot of spam and spam links, a penny did not earn, and then he did not update, and finally he did not believe, and then completely did not take care of, die out automatically.

later, I watched movies and anime websites online, but only for local users. Users can buy recharge cards to watch videos. It took a lot of money and effort to rent a server, buy a domain name, and find a production company. The site was probably built up at last. The rest is to start selling prepaid cards. I have a friend who said he has a very good sales channel which can provide good business growth and I believe him very much. So he requested to do a lot of busy, is a written plan, and cost accounting, and then with excitement about the cooperation details, when all think it is too smooth, this suddenly disappeared completely with us contact. It was a big setback for me, but I stuck to the publicity and put up posters, and three months later, the three was my sale

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