Ten excellent website design experience

, a well-designed web page, should be able to be read by multimedia, high-end computers on broadband networks, or browsers installed on slow computers that still use slow MODEM connections. However, many new web designers don’t really know how to keep the HTML files as compatible as possible.

of course, there are too many uncertainties affecting the final rendering of the web page. First of all, computer monitors have different resolution and display quality, secondly, running a variety of operating system, using a blocked version of WEB browser, INTERNET connection and various speed MODEM. We can’t take it for granted that the tastes of the visitors are arbitrary. Let’s take some time to test the page so that every visitor will be happy. Unfortunately, however, there is no way we can optimize the page for each visitor, but the following steps will help you ensure that most visitors are browsing.

1, determine audience.

in general, the vast majority of ordinary audiences, graphics, plug-ins, applets, and other related advanced Web browser features. For us, the page may be more important than beautiful, for users, not what is more important than the page can quickly download, in short, to streamline your site, this is the best shortcut. ", a graphic designer and art lecturer in Boston, said, "what you have to think about, all this should come from your audience "


in order to make everyone satisfied, a site more practical than beautiful more important. And, first of all, it must be able to be quickly explained by older versions of browsers on the client side. Simplify your site, but that’s not necessarily the best way.

considers the site visitor’s operating system, monitors, browsers, and connection types. Then, think about the theory of what they need to get from your site? They want to get a connection or the actual needs of the content? If it is whether the common site will be disappointed if there is the need to download a special plug-in. One trick is that it’s not necessary to optimize your site for everyone. It’s impossible to satisfy every visitor. You must take the appropriate technology for the visitor.

2, don’t rely on graphics.

in terms of site design, it’s true that you can attract or lose visitors through successful graphic design. Not all visitors can see pictures completely. Some people have closed the browser’s graphics in order to speed up access to the network. In short, graphics do not load correctly on the client side.

however, graphics are often used as navigation buttons. For example, visitors often return to the previous page by pressing the arrow to the left, or a graph containing a question mark can get more information, or by the company’s logo (LOGO), it will tell the user the public

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