The mega Ruixue year 08 Witkey will win

and the sound of the old words, the new peach old fu.

2008’s rat year is coming up to us. But who can think of, Blizzard, freezing rain and other natural disasters for a long time for our trip, livelihood and national development has brought great loss. Are you blocking today? It’s the most popular greeting nowadays. This situation seems to have brought us back to the 03 year period of "SARS". In the face of natural disasters, our work and travel have been reduced to the lowest level. The network has become the object we rely on and all that already rely on the network live in the end how Wangzhuan


Wangzhuan, says bluntly, is the wisdom to make money through the network. This gives the Internet blue ocean Witkey very similar. However, many people always blindly will Wangzhuan the range is narrow, as if in the online email, participate in activities such as call Witkey website, actually open shop is also higher, do Wangzhuan, as long as through certain business behavior in the network to obtain certain economic benefits, should be included in the scope of wangzhuan.

is actually a lot of people, always think Wangzhuan is an extreme inflow of money, not knowing the light to solve the employment problem of hundreds of thousands of people, but personal webmaster group has reached billions of total advertising revenue, net profit in the Internet era, to replace the traditional work is a historical necessity.

but the start of the 08 year, the overall Wangzhuan form is not optimistic, one of the most important reasons is that the rise in prices and the decline of advertising alliance.

prices are not only directly affect the network, purchase cost will rise, if arbitrary price increases, the consequences may be the loss of the old customers, especially for the full-time network pressure will be greater than 03, now has 04 years, that as long as the intention to shop may make money, the traditional enterprises and shops a large number of cut shop market, tentative behavior of college students and novice also to network groups brought more competitive and volatile. Witkey Baba observation market experts pointed out: the number of 08 years online shop will further increase, Witkey mode will be more and more people are involved in cognition, Witkey marketing model will be more and more people, but also the competition will be more intense, with Taobao opened the B2C market, and Baidu entered the C2C field that will make a large number of the three generation, the four generation of the supply network and even become uncompetitive, resulting in a large network disk reshuffle.

advertising alliance decline, direct impact is the personal webmaster, although the online advertising market has been sentenced to 07 years of growth, and is expected to have a new growth for 08 years, but the implementation of the personal webmaster head what has not, a lot of advertising alliance deduction amount, arrears phenomenon, Google largest advertisers adjust the recommendation system in 08 years, and the major source of traffic to Baidu, also gave the owners a run at the beginning of 08, the new audit strategy for new sites are >

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