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no doubt many people are looking for entrepreneurial projects or the idea of having a lot of ideas in their heads, but there are few really put into action, and fewer are successful. The so-called "night, think of a thousand Road, morning up the road."".

is currently the easiest to get started, may be Taobao launched Taobao guest project, plainly speaking, is network salesman. You help others sell Dongdong, people give you commission, commission. And this Taobao guest threshold is also very low, all kinds of link style, easy to operate. As long as you paste and copy, you can be a Taobao.

, but it’s easy to be a Taobao customer, and how many people can earn a commission if you can earn a lot of commission or say you can earn a commission? How many people can earn a commission on a single link?


careful observation station shows Ali mother over a million a month or week over a million guest, are basically independent of the guest site or a company team is the guest site in operation or operation. In the strength of a team under the action of the guest site has become rich and colorful, in addition to the stronger system (combined with Taobao open API), with the combined use of API and other shopping sites, making the sales diversified rich.

, and the profit model of its website has also changed from mere commission to commission + dealer advertisement + affiliate advertisement. After the site has entered the orbit, that is, to reach a certain amount of access, access to income is not difficult. The next thing to do is to continuously optimize the development so as to achieve more income.

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