Technology Meitu Xiu Xiu renamed Chinese 10 years from the grassroots to the price increase of 100

Abstract: Chinese Internet initially those giants, whether it is Ma Huateng, Robin Li, or even Ding Lei, Ma, Zhang Zhaoyang, Shi Yuzhu, Lei Jun, we are a first step on the right, know the future roadmap, there is not one?.



ten years ago, three of Xiamen’s grassroots entrepreneurs, standing in the international community outside the Strait (the east coast of Xiamen’s high-end real estate, from the earliest period, the two phase of building now seems to have seven period) made a contract, if the day after the achievement to everyone here buy a neighbor.

to ten years later, in 2013, they honored the agreement. (of course, have to say, this is not the first time they purchase, each of them has other property, and some even have purchased a number of villas, but they decided to move to this area to do with neighbors). Sounds like a Chinese partner. But to explain is that these three people is not a successful venture together, but in three different areas of entrepreneurship, their success.

is a Yao Jianjun, name A Fei, he founded the technology market in Hongkong, one is Wu Xinhong, nicknamed brother BMW, he founded Meitu Xiu Xiu believes no explanation, there is a net ball, called Kong Dejing, he created "Chinese is the largest domain name trading platform, in addition to the newly created clouds of investment in science and technology to the field of intelligent hardware, although known as the top two, but heavily with Disney, marvel, small yellow people such as copyright authorization, strength is quite amazing.

but ten years ago, they are just unknown personal webmaster, planning to make enough money to support the server.

know some friends say I have a mysterious group, there are many chiefs, successful entrepreneurs, but they generally have a misunderstanding, that said, I have to know a lot of people in my expert group. But wrong, actually not so, ten years ago, when I create a group of social networks, just curious, when there is a special concept of fire, called six degrees of interpersonal, but I always feel that this concept is not reliable, so I want to do a test, six degrees is not clear what interpersonal but, I can be two degrees of interpersonal to test themselves, so I put in different periods of the different understanding of background friends together, they will not have a polymerization, interaction, of course, some people lost, some people still, interestingly, in this group, when people in the media all lost, probably because no one in this group, that they are valuable, are some of the grassroots, all are talking about some topic is low, but I believe that if they know later development, Will regret the decision to retreat. So for the past ten years, the development of this group is far beyond my imagination, say a number, the average price increase is 100 times! I’m not wrong, is 100 times! (but I cannot reach.

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