The sword of Damour’s sword above the website of love and marriage

dating sites in a casual, like bamboo shoots after a spring rain magically appear in people’s field of vision, not the people’s will for the rapid development of the transfer of growth, has become the Internet industry upstart. However, behind the envy of the aura, dating websites are actually sleepless nights, because they are always hanging on top of a Damour Damocles — personal information protection industry problems.

personal information protection for the Internet is very important, but for e-commerce, recruitment, online games, dating and dating sites, it is even more. In the "3.15 Consumer Rights Day" on the occasion, the authority of the Ministry of information industry and information security coordination department joint Chinese Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute released the "2009 website personal information protection assessment report", the publication of the relevant field of personal information protection assessment results, which is believed to have emerged, the most difficult dating websites in order to break the industry inspire results, "Chinese chief marriage service expert, Lily network" on the dating site to lead the industry has achieved high scores ranked first. Lily network based on personal information protection measures, observers have been evaluated as a marriage and dating site of an industry leap, because personal information security protection has become the key to determine the development of the industry. Especially to membership information as the lifeblood of business dating websites, is currently in a transitional stage between a period of rapid development and a period of rapid development, and personal information security, is a dating site where entered a critical period of rapid development to speed up the next.

personal information protection — the pain in the heart of dating websites

as everyone knows, the domestic dating website development and a few years, but its development speed is astonishing, just a few years will be the birth of the super virtual platform a group membership of more than ten million level. Coupled with the registered users need to provide including height, weight, income, educational background, intention, contact the detailed personal information, these large and extremely private information has a high commercial value. Therefore, dating sites personal information quickly become illegal profiteering targets.

in this regard, dating and dating sites are not without warning, each enterprise has raised different levels of regulatory standards. According to the reporter, at this stage, almost all serious types of dating sites require members to submit proof of identity information, and some also require a degree certificate and asset certificate. Individual and relatively large marriage dating sites also launched a digital ID card authentication system.

, the reporter found that although the authenticity and legality of the dating sites are registered in trying to confirm the identity of the members, is also equipped with a certain standard of audit, but we have to admit that the consumer concerns remain.

"there’s always a lot of concern when I’m registering personal information online because of concerns about personal data leakage.". However, if there is no detailed registration information on the dating website, it is very difficult to have good results." Be asked whether or not

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