The five layers of hell that a successful webmaster must experience

hell, in religion, is the place where the soul is tortured after death. It is a place of suffering. It goes into hell and is never allowed to rise again. The hell that this article only is more is to walk through this basic level hell, namely enter new world, realize leap forward type upgrade.

first floor space down

this is the most common and most helpless people of hell, hard to engage in the traffic so wasted, especially when the promotion is beginning to take shape, because it was cheap, the server is down for several days, the loss of advertising does not say, just grab a part of the loss of such users. So the importance of space with deep hatred and resentment, stability. Spend a lot of money for space, buy two lines. Traffic to a certain extent on the independent server. Fully realize the importance of spatial stability. The author of the IT teahouse is through this stage, replaced by a Sichuan server.

second site was linked to horse

most webmaster do stand, are free and open source program, free of course is a good thing, and open source also open to hackers attack channel. Moreover, most of the webmaster skills are very general, not to mention the security aspects of the site. Once the horse must be worried, immediately to the official website to find a solution, impatient began in the webmaster forum to complain about a certain program is not good, does not know that this is common to all open source program. So it’s important to choose an open source program that has good technology, and a good open source program will appear in the shortest possible time. At the same time, the webmaster also should master the most basic way to kill the webpage Trojan horse, and over time will have experience.

third layer data missing

This space is very similar to

and down to the webmaster, blow it even more, many owners could not withstand this blow up. There are many reasons for data loss, we do not go to the bottom, but the stationmaster is prior to do something and minimize losses, for example, the regular weekly backup data, select the space to provide automatic data backup and so on. The most important thing is the spirit of never giving up. Even if the data is completely lost, again once again, the opportunity to put him as God gives you an opportunity to grow.

fourth layer website by K, union account by K

has not experienced the search engine shielding the webmaster is not a good webmaster, compared to the union account was K, was Baidu shielding probability is greater. The same will also be a lot of webmaster give up the site, and the real webmaster will seriously analyze the reasons, modify the site, to Baidu letter, continue to update the content, do a good job user experience. Union account is K same, do website finally is to the user to see, not for search engines and site, but not for the alliance site.

fifth layer is attacked by DDOS,

with the development and growth of the site, competition will become more and more fierce, as a small website before, others will not pay attention to you, and so you flow up, search engine ranking is also very much

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