What does Baidu’s business status tell us

in the country, few people do not know Baidu, because Baidu is the leading domestic search engine, accounting for more than half of the market share of jiangshan. Baidu since Google withdraw from the mainland market, the mainland’s large and small stations, electricity providers, enterprises and so on, and network marketing related groups have turned to Baidu. However, as China’s Internet industry leader, the development of several products Baidu is not optimistic, only from the following examples can be seen Baidu’s difficulties.

1, Baidu yes, and the decline of related products

yes, the starting time is 4 years later than that of Taobao. It started in 2007 and officially opened in 2011. Its electronic payment tool is BaiduPay. Because has the largest number of Internet users of resources, which at the time, many people think that there will be second Ali ah, but today, have been replaced by the Baidu group purchase, its operating performance is still not how, even some couples do not know what is.

2, Baidu experience back to enjoy the birth of the program


experience with the March 2013 launch of the remuneration incentive plan, this plan is developed on the basis of the signing of the. To enjoy the program in seemingly an incentive for users of the program, but we can from the logical point of view to look at, so why Baidu to operate this product in experience? The author pay fees according to the flow of the program, we can use a keyword to search the experience, the long tail of the Title display is reached countless, so, the content and the inevitable discount phenomenon.

3, Baidu read the decline of open platform

Baidu reading platform officially operated in September 15, 2011, and this year, although the page still exists, but this platform has stopped functioning. This is, however, that Baidu’s reading will be the nation’s largest trading platform for fiction, but it is now counterproductive.

behind the failure left us a lot of why

1, in addition to the above three examples, I believe we have some other discoveries, and here no longer one by one. We have, ah, behind the failure, we have such a problem, with the largest number of Internet users, why Baidu does not move under the banner of ah mall? Why, ah, as Taobao, pat,


2, Baidu experience to enjoy the plan is not an exclusive record, before this, Sina, NetEase two blog platform had launched a similar promotion plan, but we review the development course of the two blog platform, they had no plans to enjoy this. So where does the Baidu experience go,

?As for the

3, Baidu has launched a literary reading platform, its decline, also let us a lot of people do not understand, arguably, it should be the water tower, but in fact, Baidu reading platform lost to.

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