Talk about new sites to 3 months of site experience

I am an ordinary person can not be ordinary, previously worked in Honda, can not stand assembly line production, but still do 4 years. Be gone。

used to have a digital store on Taobao when he was working, and it was an income. In December 18th, my girlfriend saw her colleagues open a web site and say, "what do you buy?". I went to have a look, do very general, and no traffic.

my girlfriend told me that she wanted a website like this, too. To tell you the truth, I didn’t major in computer science, read mechanics, and didn’t know anything about standing. Just beginning to do Baidu blog, because he is very simple, just like email, do a ten day, I found in NCP, can be said that the function is also very strong blog! Moved for NCP very carefully for two weeks, can be said to do it every day more than three night. Found to be tired enough to do the station. But such is not our own things always have a strange feeling.

in the side when doing NCP, while looking for free space, try to do a station, go out to apply for a domain name, just started using free two domain name. Because I don’t know anything about it, so that’s all,


uses free space and finds that there is no way to do it at all, because I simply can’t write code myself. It’s not at all. Give up!


later found that the Internet site has a free building tools, try to use it on the machine, and I feel very good. So on Taobao, Amoy a foreign space, upload tools. Make a station of yourself!


the first time to buy space is nothing to understand, as long as cheap, like, if not, nothing. 15 yuan traded a 3G foreign space, just started to use is still very good, speed is also OK, but later found that at night, there is no way to use. Take your time! Who calls himself nothing? Ha ha ~ ~


did more than two months, a small station is all their own efforts, from nothing, do not understand. Take your time, learn about templates, code, domain names, and so on. Many are to bubble BBS bubble out, just beginning is bubble station. For two months, I learned a lot of things.

website promotion, this is a headache problem, because there is no possible to do stand, is to see, if it is for yourself to see, it is useless to use it! There is no reason for her existence. Then there is learning to promote, read a lot of mass software. Also bought two, I feel good. Push, but surprisingly, it doesn’t come at all. It doesn’t work at all. Every day, late night hang up in return for this kind of return, too disappointed!


see a lot of people say that to submit to Baidu, GG what, I have to do, then included is the fastest GG, suddenly received more than 200 page, Baidu has no progress, do not know what the problem is. >

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