YAHOO statistics UV P definition and difference

1. what is UV?


UV is the abbreviation of unique visitor, which refers to the independent visitor, and is counted by the actual access computer.

2. what is IP?


IP is the abbreviation of Internet (Protocol), which is one of the ways to locate specific computers through the information addresses between networks.

What’s the difference between the concepts of

, 3.UV, and IP?

for IP, it is on the same level of the network (such as a LAN, community network, teaching building network or INTERNET) range is the only computer, all within the same LAN are only a common ip.

, for example, I am in a foreign lan, IP is, then all the same with my computer in the LAN is the IP, that is to say if the LAN computer access to your website, in 24 hours is calculated only a IP, the relative UV not very accurate.

and UV is a little different from IP, and UV is a client for every computer that accesses your website. Now many friends use the network is LAN, after the introduction of UV, you can more accurate statistics.


UV statistics are more accurate than IP, and can accurately count every access computer, while IP treats all the computers in the same local area as one.


(PS:UV count will involve COOKIE.


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