Small and medium sized stationmaster wants to win in China six should learn to create value more

the value of a man lies not in his own wealth, but in the value he creates to society. The value of a website lies not in its value or geometry, but in how much value it brings to its users. The more valuable it is, the more valuable it is. Small and medium-sized stationmaster wants to win in China, should learn to create value more. What is value? The author answers in one sentence: the resources of a website are valuable to the people who need it. They are worthless to groups that do not need it. It can be said that the value of this thing is entirely an assessment of the user, the user said useful useful, say useless, useless, and this is the direct manifestation of value. So, small and medium-sized stationmaster how own website more endowed with value value, in the field of the Internet to create value, can be based on the Internet and not inverted.

1: analyzing market demand

construction of valuable websites, the market analysis of the site is essential, and ultimately determine the quality of the site is directly related to the development of the field of development space. Do not think too much, look for it to do, do not follow the trend, do not waver. What the user needs is good, that is, it can develop. How to analyze the market demand? And is relatively easy, but really want to do is hard, or you won’t have so many owners had to leave.

first of all we want to know the development of a successful web site should always face a group of "consumer groups", what is the further analysis of consumer habits, consumption ability is high is tough, and whether you can accept the network consumption patterns. What’s the status quo of the whole field you’re doing, and is it a monopoly by some big websites?". If there is, but also to analyze their competitive advantage is what, what features attract the "consumer groups" of the eye?.

two: pinpoint the entry point,

after the analysis of the market demand, we can draw a basic conclusion: what is the development direction and direction of the website, and what direction will it develop to meet the needs of the market users?. In the same industry is facing their competitors earlier than their own, and their own web site must be what kind of entry point to break into the entire field. Features, the survival of the root causes of the site, with characteristics, identify the point of penetration, is undoubtedly the best.

is more competitive to meet the other needs of users in meeting basic requirements. For example, adding a game channel to a life forum is a plus. This way is undoubtedly very popular with users, and this is a competitive feature, not only increased the PV of the web site, but also increased the user’s viscosity on the site". Although it’s just a little more detail, it’s easier to make the site more competitive.

three: website promotion program

first of all, we do not mention how to do the content of the site, but in terms of website promotion, we must rely on the quality of the site itself to support. In an excellent website, click rate is >

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