Seize the time to see the local station in fact the line is the most important

new. Brother’s place, standing out for nearly a month. Although the usual way of promotion is also talked about, combined with their own web site, the effect is still not satisfactory ah.

, for 2 months, there’s still very little time to actually maintain a website. At 12-2 every evening, I began to make websites, plus collecting information, I could do less work.

usually said can operate the promotion method: 1, search engine 2, advertising exchange chain 3, spend money advertising 4, own free publicity, 5, friendship change chain 6, URL, station links, etc.. The effect is not so obvious, the reason for the individual still feel that because it is a local station, so the search over the user may not be potential long-term loyal users. Because the location of the user is different from the site itself.

thinking, or find the local station promotion, mainly to promote the line, a simple list of several methods:

1. Internet bar promotion, this should be the general place to use the most way. Talk about cooperation with Internet cafes, place the URL link on the desktop, or IE home page for the home page of the website. Relying on the Internet itself, a large number of Internet access, you can quickly get traffic, but as long as you can stay to see the people, or the most fundamental, the content of the site if the majority of Internet users need. How to talk about cooperation with Internet cafes, it depends on how you do it.

2. printed cards, sounds. In fact, the effect is also very good. You think, a card, business card size, production costs can be said to be very low. Find someone to distribute on the streets. Distribute in the company, unit, school. If the design is better, it will attract people to browse. If the card is exquisite. Others must also reclaim what is useful after hiding it. So, don’t hesitate to do it, you can succeed,

3. T-shirt promotion. That’s part of what I’ve been thinking about, but it’s because it costs money. So I didn’t move. Our city is not very developed yet. There are still many rickshaws. A few dollars a piece of cultural T-shirt, printed on their own LOGO and other information. Distribute it free. Is not equivalent to free billboards? The car will see more clearly on the back of the web site, go back, will certainly not wait to see.

4. this, content. Should I want to do is to sweep the streets. What is the street, did the traditional sales people will know. All the streets and alleys. Then send flyers and collect information. Update site content. You can say, if you can collect more than 95% of a city’s information, you can grasp the lifeblood of the city. The local station requires information in a comprehensive and timely manner. This step is done well. Naturally, someone will go to your website.

08 years have also been in the past few months, 07 are said to be the local station of the most fire a year, but 08 of this last bus, I still have to drift with the tide. Chance or >

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