The success of foreign businesses do not forget to return to society

every successful entrepreneur, there is a dark time, and this is what we say. Ma, who studied at the National University of Defense Technology, worked for many years at the Institute of nuclear physics, northwest, the 6 nuclear test tasks.

1976, Kim Ma joined the army in 1980, was admitted to the National University of Defense Technology Changsha automatic control professional after graduation, was assigned to the Xi’an nuclear test base, and has participated in the six nuclear test. Due to the excellent work, won three first, and repeatedly commended.

1992, because the job needs, Ma Kim transferred to civilian, was assigned to the Materials Bureau of Taonan city in Jilin province.

1995 years, his unit operating losses, workers can not pay wages on time, companies in trouble. In the tide of market economy, and a challenge to face the life of Ma kim. In this way, he consulted with his wife, in August of the year 1 to the unit leadership out of the material Bureau, self development.

1995 in August, he set up a Taonan city supplies grain and Oil Trade Co., ltd.. Due to the reasonable price, fair trade, local farmers, owners are willing to do business with him. Foreign sales on time, quality and quantity, honest and trustworthy, many customers are actively looking for him, a few years down the enterprises from small to large, from weak to strong, continue to grow. />

"start at the beginning of the problem very much, it is difficult to get loans, financing environment is more difficult. And I rely on the integrity of the two words, the cause to do today." Makin.

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