Speculation has become the bottom line it is only the entrepreneur’s fault

cut wire event after fermentation, so that the family on behalf of the company started washing overnight fame. Let the onlookers angry not only commercial means without integrity, a statement on behalf of the house wash makes "cut the wire" reported as a naked pr.


entrepreneurship is like a walk in the dark, who do not know when the light will appear. So someone to stick out of the fire, in an instant, attracted all the attention, attracted many people to follow chase. Today, a group of wildfire is full of eyeballs, we began to blame those who drill the fire, and laughed at the people who lost the bottom line again and again. But is this just the entrepreneur’s fault?

why always want to hype?

in this world of Losers are always in the wrong. era, success showed strong tolerance heart, stains are packaged does not take the unusual way of innovation, highlight the business model became behoove. In this environment it accused entrepreneurs commercial speculation has "good and evil" mentality, but when we take the sword of justice to those injured all over the body of counterfeiters cut, it does not need to delve into these entrepreneurs why want to make big news.

first, star entrepreneurs are more favored by the capital


beauty grapefruit and aunt of data fraud has become another focus of the recent data, reasons exist tricky mostly in order to cater to investors. After deep grilled found user scale, activity, growth rate, trading volume and so on have become the means of fraud, and never entrepreneurs is definitely not the case. The data does not look good, investors will buy it? Competitors with digital exciting to a large circle of financing, you have no money and how could it continue sike.

of course, data fraud is not the only way to get the favor of investors. The founder of the BAT or returnees background has been the venture capital as an endorsement of the company, and in order to cause media attention, the founder or team is often to be magic aura. Robin Li, such as the United States to give up the high return of life to start a business, Cheng Wei and his team did not fear the difficulty of achievement drops, such stories are often copied by entrepreneurs.

is more important, investors are also rumors of some wonderful hobby, such as Lei Jun claimed to invest only acquaintances, Xiong Xiaoge, Xu Xiaoping, Xue Manzi, Shen Napeng became the investment community "red net". Some people may say that the domestic investment environment has been so prosperous, large and small investment institutions not hundreds, as long as it is a good project will eventually shine. Indeed, some of the scale of the start-up companies, get the money is not very difficult, but to get the big brother to the resources is not easy. Let’s say you how to enter the Lei’s circle of friends, or you have a background in the business, or let yourself get red.

whether or not the star entrepreneur is more likely to be favored by the capital, it is easy to have an emotional and psychological tendency, at least in the two venture is more likely to lead to

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