Thoughts on PR crisis of farmer spring mountain


" quality gate " has occurred for a long time, here, the quality of Q pigs do not intend to judge the farmer spring water, this paper is mainly about, just before and after the quality gate, the farmer’s action, the public relations crisis and the significance of thinking.

network optimization should be aware of people, keyword ranking is only part of the network optimization, for large companies, big brands, crisis PR is part of the work content. What would you do if you were the head of the farmer’s mountain network and after the crisis in the company, what would you do as pure network optimization?

first, search for at the Baidu homepage; farmer spring " appears on the first screen of the home page, as shown in

In the first place, the

reports about the farmer’s spring. The content is mainly Nongfushangquan quality, using standard, most of them reported to objectively describe the cause and process of the whole incident, some are expressed Nongfushangquan in this incident, the attitude, view and edit.

as an employee, of course not right for the company to make what response, but in the initial stage of the event, according to the reports, the problem will be reflected in the report, and the company can take corresponding measures, report, submit leadership, early step can make a decision in favor of the company’s.

can be specific:

1, apply for Google management tools, use GoogleAlerts, set the main keywords, such as company name, brand name, where you can set " farmer spring " as the main monitoring word.

once the network appears about " farmer mountain " news, GOOGLE will notify you in the form of mail for the first time. Really, the news appears the first time, understand the information.

2, observe the ranking in front of what kind of news websites, newspapers, news portal, with the majority, then, using the company in the relationship between the newspaper and news portal, timely write reports of positive information in


then give a little bit of these news on the chain, because of negative news and the positive news is the source of the same site, and the chain some support in the search engine, positive reports back, has greater advantages, into the search engine in the front.

(so large companies, usually and newspapers, radio and other media to maintain good relations, how important it is.


3 also offers positive news on other portals, forums, and high weight blogs. Thus, in the search engine, about the company’s reports, users see first, second pages, mainly based on the company’s positive news.


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