Talking about how to convince others of your website

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website is garish, but for all of us is a cold thing, so many people are wary of certain things on the network, network marketing, it may not only to the camp, but the lack of a pin, because the pin is the ultimate goal, to achieve the the aim of marketing needs, let others believe your website, how to let others believe your


how do you convince people of your website:

1, the site should show professionalism,

in fact, the website is a facade of the enterprise. For a consumer, he pays great attention to whether you are professional or authoritative. First, don’t put what things on the site, a lot of people in order to achieve the overall color of Web personalization, get a riot of colours, so instead let others feel that your website is not professional, so in the website design, the overall color website in general do not exceed four.

also, do not set website template, it is best to find a professional company to combine product features and enterprise features designed for enterprises belonging to their own website, so as to increase the trust of your customers.

2, enhance user experience

although we often take into account the SEO factors, but I personally think, when SEO and user experience conflicts, should be user experience as heavy, after all, the site is finally for people to see. Therefore, the design should be based on the experience of access, not to the user access to unnecessary, tedious steps. Nothing to ask for the user’s information, such as mobile phones, identity cards and other numbers, like a decoy website.

if you have a message board and other communication platform on your website, remember to give the user a reply in a timely manner, and sincere attitude is the most important aspect.

3 update the content of the website in time

if you go to a website, found his information is a few years ago, or half a year is not out of the news, can you trust this company? A lot of people will think that the company went bankrupt. Therefore, we should update the content of the website in time, the minimum standard is to update a news within a week, it is best to ensure that the website is updated every day. Because an active website, not only search engines like, users will also think that the company’s prospects for development good.

4, contact must be clear,

if you only have QQ on your website, do you think someone else will believe you? No address, no phone, no contacts, no?…… Who will believe you? Please specify your company’s specific address, fixed line, contact Department, contact name and other important contacts, and remember to make sure the call is connected. Of course, you can also use your QQ and cell phone numbers in your contact information.

5, where appropriate, make a statement


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