The site was included in Google black horse is a malicious web site to submit a complaint

we know the website after being hacked or horse, Google in order to protect the interests of users, the site will be included in the attack site, to remind the user visit caution. Many webmaster in solving the station Trojan or hacker attacks, Google still did not respond, continue to the site as a malicious site. A long period of time will lead to Google included page, delete most of the site is down right, PR is a series of other vicious spiral, the loss of the site is huge. For such events, in fact, need to take the initiative to contact the webmaster Google review and update. The author today, according to their own representations, experience and share with you.


the first step, register as webmaster tool user. For malicious web site representations, Google asked to register as Google Webmaster Tools users, registration process is very convenient, here will not elaborate.

second steps to verify the complaint website. The validation process is simple. According to a string of code similar to Google, the code is placed between the home pages of the site, and clicks on the Google "verify" button to complete the site verification process.

third steps to prompt the current web site information. When the site has been Google as a malicious web site, add a background site in Webmaster tools will prompt information red, reminds us that "the current site was named the malicious web site, Google need to re audit", click "More Details" to accept Google review. As follows:


fourth steps, fill in the representations. The severity of the Google will tell you things, and if owners have completed the malicious code or software cleanup work, you can ask Google for review to the website, click on the "Request a review", agreed to review and appeal of optional pop-up opinion drop-down box; check, then fill out a few words that can be. Statement that the words do not need too much, roughly the processing process or the results of a brief explanation can be, both Chinese and English can. As follows:


After all of the above steps have been completed, Google will reply to the results in a working day by email and decide whether to remove malicious websites from your site according to the results of the review.

. According to Google’s description, the entire review process is carried out by machine programs, thorough investigation of the code in the website, the review process is very strict. Within a few days after the review, Google will visit your website on time, so that the user’s use will continue to be affected by the failure of the webmaster to process it.

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