The journey from P30 to 3000


website has a long history, the program also learned many years, graphic design also for a year and a half or so, but to do the station, do the webmaster is from the beginning of this year. Here I talk about a station traffic from IP30 to 3000 course. As a whole, it’s accumulation, persistence, persistence, effort, sweat, and every night.

I am a

programmer, a technician, a small network company in February of this year, by a friend persuaded to do your own personal website, because he said is what benefit, a month to earn three thousand of his website, what what to drop, my heart, and I also do this website below. Then to the website now on my traffic has two thousand or three thousand, monthly income can also be optimistic, although not much, enough for my living expenses, because I have my own work.

, let’s talk about how my website goes to three thousand IP!


3000IP is not much, for Admin5 above the webmaster may be a decimal, so please don’t laugh at me, I don’t feel bad top line!!!

after I do the station, there is a principle is to adhere to:

1, insist on sending ten articles every day;

2, every day to go to some big forum to send some accounts, steal a little traffic over;

3, insist on doing some links, and their own different, such as the chain, but it must be normal, K do not;

4, the website code is also careful (DIV+CSS), simple optimization some;

5, don’t be any SEO, according to your own principles to do things, must insist, let people think your stand is alive;

6, you must constantly improve your own procedures and code;

7, think of ways to let your friends, colleagues, relatives know your station;


does not prevent said my station is healthy, green and healthy use Baidu Search search in the third row, ha ha!! Hi, dear

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