Station master don’t take the financial crisis seriously

recently often see friends in the discussion, which companies have layoffs, cut the number of people on how to reduce the cost, reduce transportation costs, reception fees, among them, the financial crisis is so so I didn’t feel shiver all over though not cold?, the financial crisis, for some Internet companies, but also a the opportunity.

can be seen from the news, due to lower market demand, leading to many coastal enterprises orders decline, some enterprises lost or closed down. In this market environment, enterprises rely on traditional channels, the difficulty of the "winter", combining with the network using the network only, so accurate and low cost platform, enterprise products for large-scale promotion, in order to make the business on the upgrade, let the financial crisis into an opportunity for development.

when enterprises encounter financial crisis, they will first think of improving work efficiency, access to more orders, relying on the Internet, these can be achieved. Looking from the other direction, the Internet is driving the renewal of enterprise’s concept and management mode. For the long run, the financial crisis has promoted the development of e-commerce.

, a friend of mine in a web site editor, usually work mediocre, regardless of whether the work is nervous, he will work at one o’clock, work efficiency is not high. As a result, the financial crisis came, and friends heard that the company to layoffs, immediately changed like a person, every day very early to the company, late at night to work, to the water dispenser for water, cleaning, office also wrapped. I believe that in the Internet industry, such examples are not uncommon, it seems that the financial crisis can improve efficiency.

The other

friends in a well-known Web site editor, usually work hard, my colleagues have given highly of him, but the sudden financial crisis, the company in order to reduce the cost, the salary is high and is not the key positions people are laid off, the author also included the friend. At that time, the friend doesn’t understand the behavior of the company, in order to ensure its own low-cost and live up to the hope of the staff, he eventually relented, and then cast some resumes, who know the call second days continuously, are asking friends to go to the interview, then friends chose another company, it is said that treatment to be better than the original.

financial crisis, in fact, can not be afraid. In the company, as long as do their own thing; in business, as long as more orders are enough, there are powerful people who are not afraid to eat.


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