Together with the renovation of the network landing three new board for the renovation of the pain p

[TechWeb news] December 29th news, Beijing network Polytron Technologies Inc (along with decoration network) recently officially landed three new board, becoming the first three new board listing of domestic Internet service platform.

is the decoration mesh together a one-stop service platform for decoration, headquartered in Beijing, including building materials group purchase and Internet ready two core business. Founded in December 2009, has now opened 16 branches and 10 store experience, providing services for the owners of the country’s 49 major cities.

December 2015, together with the decoration of the network to get A round of financing, the same period of strategic investment VR leading companies dress up (U.S. House 365), improve the corporate ecological chain layout. Has reached a strategic cooperation with Tmall, Baidu finance, to provide owners with better quality of the line experience and consumer services.

together with the renovation of the network CEO Huang Shengjie has worked Soufangwang and Sohu focus, there are many years of experience in real estate home for the traditional decoration industry pain points, he has his own understanding.


Huang Shengjie pointed out that the decoration of the two major pain points are caused by its uncertainty. On the first hand, the price of opaque decoration, decoration from beginning to end need to spend how much money can only have a ballpark estimate. The subdivision, consumers will always encounter such as a gas cooker accessories to how much money, how much do you charge for the hose, plus fifty, one hundred yuan or one thousand or two thousand yuan is common. Consumers do not understand, not professional, is always caused by professionals pit.

second, indefinite duration. The uncertainty of the project is also a lot of factors, it was designated a day to complete, but always can not finish the work. One is the construction technology can be completed, another is Zhibuding where a material or send late, or out of stock, or send a problem to rework, which are caused by the core elements of extension.

how to solve the pain points decoration industry together with the network from the two aspects of the measures taken. In the consumer side, all processes, offer all transparent. Huang Shengjie said, especially the need to explain to consumers two problems, one is to buy your house, but the packages are not included, such as curtains and a relatively high degree of personalized products, the other one is people don’t need, but you need to. Decoration of each one is completely different, you may also be different requirements, a super personalized market, or the structure of the house is completely different.

in the construction side, together with the establishment of a network of punishment mechanism decoration. The whole construction process, users can evaluate the foreman, designer, principal business. If the complaints by users, light penalty, serious direct and foreman, designer, principal business contract.

it is understood that the current renovation network has accumulated more than 7 million service owners, Huang Shengjie revealed that after the listing of three new board, together with the renovation plan next year to increase the experience of Beijing shop in the first tier cities >

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