Sirloin steak

western market flagship steak, for China, the country, there is a popular thing in the market. People’s living standards improve at the same time for the high demand for more and more consumption, more people spend money is not worth the money but a feeling of experience.

Western steak (WESTERN BEEFSTEAK) the main characteristics of the flavor of the steak, the store environment suitable for dating couples, friends gathered in order to join the development of direct way. The restaurant in the western United States decoration of its pure wood, western style chairs, Luzhou steak, cowboy dress waiter, hand painting colorful, passionate western music, rough fence, brown brown hemp…… A western style attracted the favor of all levels of personnel. In addition to the restaurant has a delicious steak plate, but also to enjoy the masters of all kinds of western style snacks, salads, delicious pot and various types of ice cream, etc..

double celebration West steak shop. Here in addition to taste the delicious steak, can enjoy the master carefully developed a variety of Western snacks, delicious salad, stewed and colored ice cream, make you a real treat, lead a person to endless aftertastes. Restaurant with pure western style western style decoration, wooden tables and chairs, the flavor of the steak, cowboy dress waiter, hand painting colorful, passionate western music, rough fence, brown brown hemp, a small town in Western style.

Western steak nearly a hundred stores to serve you, the main western style steak, pizza, drinks, etc., per capita consumption of 25-60, the investment of more than 10 million have their own western restaurant is no longer a dream.

join advantage

A, brand support

Western steak, LOGO trademark logo are registered in the State Administration of trademark registration, where the franchise can be used in the contract period, the use of the trademark, LOGO.

headquarters to provide a complete set of CIS brand image recognition system; standard trademark logo, restaurant interior design drawings, restaurant logo design draft, Western steak related copyright logo.

B, store location

Western Steak Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. has a professional assessment division with the food and beverage strategy for your choice.

assist franchisee location, systematic investigation, and market research and evaluation, profit and loss analysis.

C, design

unique restaurant overall graphic design, store corporate culture wall layout planning >

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