Entrepreneurs said Sea Amoy B2C entrepreneurship is a false proposition

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2014 cross-border electricity extremely hot, not only big business platform, Tmall and other Jingdong reached, startups such as ocean terminal, emerge in an endless stream, honey bud baby, honey Amoy, to get tens of millions of dollars in financing.

Wang Yang is the new game player sea Amoy entrepreneurship Army: in April 2014 6 years, leaving office will soon be listed Alibaba in advance to sell all the shares, 7 months after the launch of street honey sea purchased APP.

simple, street honey APP is a C2C centralized purchasing platform, hundreds of overseas buyers of the real name authentication shopping spree live, to complete the transaction and logistics in APP, looks like a shopping spree artifact APP similar to Ocean Terminal "".

but the difference is that the shopping spree artifact popular category is mainly a luxury, popular country usually is Europe and the United States, Japan etc.. The street honey differentiated positioning in the "non standard" and small countries, such as Nepal, Turkey and so on silk tapestry, and trying to build a social function.

Street honey APP and the mainstream of cross-border electricity supplier B2C model is far from, nor sought after luxury category, milk powder, diapers, cosmetics, whether it has the value of


Wang Yang has set its own logic, thanks to Ali 6 years rotation system, let him participate in Taobao, Alipay and Juhuasuan depth operation of multiple projects, pay more attention to the sustainability of the strategy.

he saw that the current mainstream sea Amoy B2C venture is a false proposition, the next 95% cross-border electricity supplier will die. Does that sound terrible?

electricity supplier giant forced startups

Wang Yang believes that the electricity supplier in the Chinese 15 years of development, the most successful is the "explosion" concept, it is through the supply chain scale to drive down the cost of user acquisition price battle.


customs logistics industry preferential policies and favorable to stimulate cross-border, many entrepreneurs into, but calm down and you will find the mainstream, sea Amoy mode is the business logic and illusory, did not give startups bring opportunities, but the electricity supplier giant beneficiaries.

is the supply chain. Last year, Tmall, Amazon and other Jingdong have reached a high-profile sea Amoy, jumei.com even rapid transformation into cross-border electronic business platform. For these large companies, but the replacement of the supply chain, it will be able to introduce free trade zone category and all docking, cut into the sea Amoy market is very easy.

at the same time, these companies through large-scale purchase, purchase, continue to "blast" strategy of low prices, and enjoy the original platform traffic into advantage, quickly quickly made the size of the fledgling startups, forced no way.

In particular,

has been developed to the sea Amoy start-up companies of a certain size, if not more than 2000 single daily orders, can subsidize the price war, but if the order is increased to 10000 when the real competitors will wait in front of him, means that growth to more than the United States, the Jingdong.

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