Which in 2012 the minimum threshold of venture projects

entrepreneurial wealth is everyone’s dream, but the entrepreneurial process bear the various risks, so many people choose to have some lower threshold for the industry to join the investment, to reduce the risk in the process of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship to increase the probability of success. So in 2012, which is the lowest threshold of venture capital? Let us follow the whole network Xiaobian a look together.

A, small shops: commercial mode now has the trend of polarization obviously, or large shopping malls, upscale places, or personalized small shops, with small and medium-sized investors gradually increased, small shops become very scarce, more and more people of all ages.

three, growth oriented shops these shops: the initial investment is very small, but with the passage of time, the yield will also gradually increase, the future may even appear a hard situation. Has great investment value. Typically, the newly developed area is easy to find such a shop.

four, determine the expected shops: large-scale transformation of the city by road to change and increase the investment risk, or the bustling mature commercial street has been speculation is expected to be in full swing, the potential is limited. Select shops should be ahead of consciousness, the new market shops rent price economy, coupled with factors such as the subway line, the future will be more and more popular Wang, the growth of the value of space rental shops decided.

five, select the original shops: when rental shops as soon as possible with the signing of the original controller, because through layers of hands of the store in terms of costs or after the contract will have great potential. Of course, to meet the best, after all, this shop can still be encountered in the case of.

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