What are the steps to open barbecue stores

open barbecue stores need to prepare what work? What is the specific process? If you want to learn more business experience, you can take a look at. Xiaobian finishing the relevant information, I hope you can help. You can use as a reference, can also be used directly, no problem.

1, entrepreneurship research

to examine their open barbecue franchise of local food market, looking for entrepreneurial experience chef and stakeholders for consultation, and maintain good relationship with them.

2, venture capital fund

3, learning management technology

4, the site selection of

5, rent storefront

According to the

6, apply for business license

license application is generally divided into two types: one is the license issued by the applicant company, Industrial and Commercial Bureau; the other is a small capital, just for profit-making business registration, business issued by the local county. Most of the stores due to the capital is not large, as long as the registration of profit. In addition, but also to the tax authorities for the relevant tax operations, leading to a unified invoice, unless it is allowed to avoid the use of a unified invoice, otherwise, all must be handled.


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