What is the reason behind the gem slump

gem plummeted down below the glasses. So, what is the reason behind the continued slump in gem? Here are some of the summary, we can come together to exchange!

Today the two cities opened

news on the surface, there are two important factors that may affect the market.

1, the stock market to overweight, capital or diversion. With the festival since the real estate inventory policy intensive introduction, part of the city property market collective first-tier cities as the representative of the trend of heat; last weekend, Shanghai real estate trading center and even take temporary measures to limit the flow, in response to a substantial increase in passenger flow.

2, funds face tight. Festival funds face tight, the market continues to rebound caused greater obstacles. Data show that the inter-bank lending rate in Shanghai from the beginning of last Wednesday, the three consecutive trading day rose by 11.5 basis points.

outlook for the full year, can not be too optimistic, the factors affecting the stock market, especially the domestic and foreign policy itself will swing, such as U.S. economic data continued to improve, the core of high inflation, in June may still raise interest rates, then the RMB devaluation pressure is likely to re Chinese stage after the steady growth of future policy may change. As a new industry, highlights the structural NPC and CPPCC in 13th Five-Year focused partial downstream products, the price of assets into the country changed.

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