Lack of innovation and entrepreneurship talent

better promote innovation and entrepreneurship, need is talent, China now is not money, but talent". So, how can we cultivate more innovative entrepreneurial talent?

"for business enterprise, now is not the most difficult of financing, but the." A recruitment site recently held in Wuxi, a business person in charge of the enterprise facing the bad situation sighed. Reporters found that, in the face of the public entrepreneurship boom, recruit difficult, hard to stay a lot of start-ups but across the Hom, talent hunger intensified.

3 26, held in Wuxi in the spring of the year of the second large-scale talent exchange, the college students in the entrepreneurial enterprise with a total of 142 positions in the form of entrepreneurial enterprise recruitment area, the group launched the impact of the 13. However, this area is almost the entire recruitment will be the most leisurely area, job seekers are mostly glance away, willing to sit down to discuss a few.

"yearning for large enterprises and enterprises, is the normal employment psychology, but if regardless of their own situation only a name is, may eventually The loss outweighs the gain." Senior occupation planner Jin Tao said, start-ups, technology, operations, sales, management and other positions to do exercise in different positions, young people can find the most suitable occupation direction, and the ability to play to the maximum in a short period of time.

for the talent shortage facing the enterprise now, experts also suggested that enterprises should properly reduce the recruitment requirements, and for job seekers pay, promotion, equity and more visible to the space". After all, is a start-up, do not expect to step in place, by setting the stage of the gradual development of talent targets to meet the needs of enterprise development, which is the most economical and feasible way."



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